Name: Hani Abdel Kader

Specialty: Homeopathy, Pharmacy

Location: Cairo

Service: Homeopathy, Nutrition

Rates: –

1st consultation:     Follow-up:

Discounts / Packages: –



Comment: Hani Abdel Kader is a Pharmacist and Homeopath in Egypt. “I was always interested in CAM, and my interest went further after finishing my pharmacy college. I couldn’t find all the answers I was looking for. Drugs only palliate or suppress and they have side-effects and they stop symptoms and let others to arise! I got the doctor of medicine degree from the Indian board in naturopathy, aromatherapy, herbalism and TCM through a one year distance course. I started my study in homeopathy in 2008 with the Egyptian society of Homeopathy and my instructor was the brilliant Dr.Saeed A.Halim, who was a medical doctor and had PHD in pharmacology before he specialize in homeopathy, so I enjoyed how he combined both schools of science during his teaching to us. In 2010 I started a distance post-graduate course for 2 years with Allen college and our instructor was Dr.Banerjea and I gained a lot of knowledge about the miasmatic prescribing and I knew about many small organopathic remedies, which can help alone in some cases or inter-current with the constitutional remedy in other cases. I also had a certificate in Cupping and started a diploma in Nutrition with BSY which I am still working on. I run my own pharmacy since 2006 in Cairo, and I do my best to teach people to use medicines wisely and of course I give them natural and holistic advice all the time plus I import natural supplements which aren’t available in my country”.












Service: Home-visits, Skype


1st consultation:     Follow-up:

Discounts / Packages:




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