Name: Pia Lehmann

Specialty: Homeopathic medicine

Location: Avalon Beach, Sydney

Service: Practice and Worldwide on skype

Rates: –

1st consultation:    Follow-up:

Discounts / Packages: –

Website: / / Find Pia on FB

Contact:; +61-419257258

Comment: Pia is a registered Homeopath with AROH and ATMS since 2005. Her special interest is in Mental Emotional Health.

She practices Classical Homeopathy and has studied with many leading Homeopathic Doctors worldwide on a continuous bases.

She has been a Lifeline counselor for over 10 years.

Pia also works internationally as a professional counseling astrologer. Her skills also include Naturopathy, Nutrition and emotional Weight loss coaching for Downsize Me. She has many satisfied and happy clients worldwide.





Name: Sarah Penrose

Specialty: Homeopathic medicine

Location: Karratha, Western Australia

Service: –

Rates: –

1st consultation:     Follow-up:

Discounts / Packages: –

Website:    /      @pilbarahomeopath

Contact: 0477 285 863

Comment: Skilled in unravelling complex patterns of ill health Sarah Penrose is a natural health professional specialising in homeopathic medicine. Sarah is a registrant with AROH, a member and endorsed mentor with the AHA, a recognised Autism Support Provider with the Aurum Project and, a current student with the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. Sarah Penrose has studied and practised homeopathic medicine for over 14 years and has a general full time practice in Karratha, Western Australia and worldwide via skype.





Name: Agimary Joseph  agi-busi-001-copy

Specialty: Homeopathy

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Service: Chronic health issues & women’s health

Rates: –

1st consultation:     Follow-up:

Discounts / Packages: –



Comment: Agimary Joseph  is a homeopath with 18 years of experience and her practice is based in Brisbane, Australia. She has special interest in management of chronic health issues & women’s health. Her holistic homeopathic care centre offers natural health support for families and has a good number of happy clients worldwide. Agimary Joseph is Registered with Australian Register Of Homoeopaths (A.R.O.H), & Homoeopathic Medical Council, India.  She is a member of Institute of Homeopaths Kerala, India, & Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA).










Service: Home-visits, Skype


1st consultation:     Follow-up:

Discounts / Packages:




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