Courses & Workshops



Courses and Workshops


Topic: Science based courses for all health practitioners.

  1. General science course, (7 modules).
  2. Cancer information guidance and support service course.
  3. Immunology course.

Location: Online

Delivery: Online

Fee: 100 pound sterling per course

Contact: Dr. Peter Kay can be contacted at:


Comment: Three courses to enable health practitioners to understand more about a wide range of basic sciences that underpin health care. The courses include one which comprises an introduction to chemistry, cell biology and genetics. A further course focuses on immunology because there are many components to the adaptive and innate immune systems. It is important to be aware that immunological factors play a central role on many disorders.

Many practitioners are exposed to patients suffering from cancer. Based on experiences in my clinic which offers cancer sufferers a Science based information and support service, I have developed a new course which allows health practitioners to offer a unique information and support service to cancer sufferers in a business setting. This course introduces the participant to what is currently known about causes of cancer. It also details an important range of genetic, immunological and biochemical factors and new scientific discoveries that are used to help patients choose their preferred treatment options, dietary considerations and supplementation.

On payment, the content of each of the courses is delivered online. Participants study the contents of the courses at their convenience. There are no time limits and no examinations. Participants are tutored personally by Dr. Peter Kay. As part of each course, he provides an explanatory service via Skype or phone if necessary.

If desired, participants will be awarded CPD verification personally signed by Dr. Kay. It will include reference to the time taken for each participant to become familiar with the content of each course. It will also include a summary of course content.






Topic: Autopathy 

Location: Online

Delivery: Online

Fee: –



Comment: Jiri Cehovsky was born in Prague. He worked in publishing before he began to study and practice homeopathy. In 1990, he co-founded together with several medical practitioners the Homeopathic Society and also the Homeopathic Academy in Prague, from which hundreds of Czech homeopaths graduated since then. Teachers at the Academy are well-known homeopaths, also from the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, India and Germany. He authored the book Homeopathy More than a Cure.  In his publishing company Alternativa, Jiri Cehovsky publishes mainly homeopathic literature. He has been practicing homeopathy since thirty-five years. In the year 2002, he began with autopathy and he has been continuing in development of  this method  following fourteen years. He documented his findings in two books – Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony and Get Well with Autopathy. He had written several articles on this topic for homeopathic journals, such as Homeopathic Links and He organizes regular seminars and webinars on autopathy.






Topic: Training for health professionals who want to expand their practice & women’s health workshops

Location: Watford / Online

Delivery: Online training for health professionals who want to expand their practice.

Also natural care for women’s health workshops at Love Your Belly.

Fee: –


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I wear 3 hats; I run online courses for therapists who want to expand their practice, I am also a massage therapist specialising in women’s health in my private practice in Watford and teach women self-help skills and menstruality at Love Your Belly workshops. You can download ‘Gentle Marketing’ a free template for health professionals at

Kate is also a massage therapist for women’s health – fertility, menopause, pregnancy and Biodynamic massage for personal growth –